Dear Massage Advantage Member,
We greatly appreciate you utilizing Massage Advantage as your massage provider, and as much as we hate to see you leave, we understand not everyone enjoys massage as much as we do. As the nations largest network of independent Massage Therapist, we thank you for supporting your local small business, and keeping your money invested in your community. 
We don’t lose many members because we offer the least expensive, best value massage membership in the nation starting at only $4.99 per month. With unlimited upgrade and downgrade options, and packages designed to meet our client’s needs, you are always welcome to move your membership to a program best suited for your lifestyle. Who doesn’t love the flexibility of purchasing massages at the discounted rate of $39.99 anytime – every time? 
If your heart is set on leaving, again, we appreciate your previous business. So, in case you missed upon signed up we just need to make sure you’re in agreement with losing the following benefits. Once you have read and accept the terms, we will process you request usually within 48 hours of receipt of the membership termination. 
By cancelling your Massage Advantage Membership, you acknowledge and agree with the loss of the following members benefits/perks.  
     • Loss of priory/first available scheduling 
     • Loss of any discounts on any future massage purchases or pre-purchased massages unused
     • Loss of any Loyalty Rewards points earned
     • Loss of access to Nationwide Membership network
     • Loss of 25% discount on modalities 
     • Loss of pre-scheduling up to six months in advance
     • Loss of vouchers which never expire
     • Member agrees to a $25 reinstatement fee to reactivate a cancelled membership.
Member agrees to the loss of benefits listed above and the Terms and Conditions as well as the Massage Advantage Cancellation Policy.  
First Name:
Last Name:
Phone Number:
Please explain why you want to cancel your membership:
I understand that by canceling my membership I am forfeiting any prepaid massages I have purchase during my membership.  I also agree that if I do not show up for my appointment, my card will be charged the full retail price of the service purchased.
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