I first want to apologize for any delays, and disenchantment you may be experiencing as you schedule your massage.  
Your care and service is paramount to us, and we are would like to continue to help you if we can.  
A couple of things we would like to make you aware of: 
  •  If you purchased a service from a daily deal site such as Groupon, Massage Advantage had no control over the number of vouchers sold nor the price.
  •   There where far more massages sold than we ever anticipated based off previous months sales.  
  •  We’ve been actively working with these sites to help regulate volume, and pricing, but even after doing business with some of the sites for over ten years we were not made wholly aware of the extreme discounts being applied.
None the less, Massage Advantage has a long-standing policy to make sure we are able to accommodate everyone. This is just a matter of making sure we do so in order of demand, while taking care of previous clientele/members.  
We realize you can get a refund or request a service from another provider, but there are a few things you will not find by simply getting a refund.
The #1 thing that sets Massage Advantage apart from all other massage businesses is the importance we place on your safety and security. Massage by nature is a service that requires a large degree of TRUST! You or whomever is receiving the service deserves the right to know that the therapist you are seeing has been properly screened.   
Because most deal sites do not require screenings (background verification of their providers), neither you nor the deal site has any comprehension as to your providers criminal history, verifiable licenses, or overall character. ONLY Massages Advantage requires a comprehensive TherifyMT criminal background check, online review and license/certification review of every Massage Therapist who joins our network.  
Allow me to repeat this: It’s not just our policy, but our requirement, that every therapist meets or exceeds our standards or they will NOT be permitted to participate with Massage Advantage. This however doesn’t stop these same individuals from obtaining their own merchant account and being listed as an alternate provider on the exact same deal sites. This level of security and protection is only provided by Massage Advantage, and only to the provider listed on our site. 
Feel free to check back often for new providers, and please feel free to help us find new providers in your area. If we enroll a therapist you suggest first, your next 3 massages are FREE!
Also, to help with the scheduling issues, we have set up a Customer Service Hot Line specific to help you get scheduled.  You can call 501-800-4007 ext 108 and one of our Customer Service Reps will assist you further.  If they do not answer, please leave your name, the location you are wanting to schedule with and someone will be in touch within 24 hours to assist you.
Again we apologize if you’ve had a poor initial experience, we are working to accommodate everyone, and we would be honored to have you as one of our exclusive Massage Advantage Members.  |  (501) 800-4007  |
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Copyright © 2018 - Massage Advantage, Inc.